The 2021 inaugural Melbourne Whisky Week Festival is a spectacular like no other, attracting attendees from across Victoria.

MWW is a unique event that showcases a range of traditional, diverse and new world spirits and whiskies. Plus highlights the world of spirits, including Gin, Rum and Vodka for those who aren’t yet a whisky lover.

The vibrant and uniqueness of Melbourne culture as the setting for Whisky Week will make this an event not to be missed!

Supported by the City of Melbourne & Visit Victoria, MWW is an event of discovery, appreciation and excitement for whisky and spirits!

The Melbourne Whisky Week Audacious Goal

To become the preeminent global whisky festival and event, a leader in whisky experiences where others look to us as setting the highest standards. We will showcase the best culture and humanity that whisky can offer. We will be encompassing, engaging and embracing of all that the local and global whisky community has to offer.


The purpose of Melbourne Whisky Week is:

Nature, Scope and Approach

Melbourne Whisky Week is a curated week-long festival. It is centered around:

The festival seeks to attract both industry professionals and existing enthusiasts, but importantly also to engage the general public in becoming aware of and appreciating good whisky and the cultural and social possibilities surrounding it. The festival shall be based in Melbourne CBD, but strive to include representation from all of Australia as well as a proportion of overseas  distillers, with a view to becoming the preeminent whisky related festival globally.

The Whisky Week team look forward to creating a world of taste, entertainment and experience for you to enjoy.