The Bonehead & Bakery Hill Festival of Smoke

August 25
Bonehead Brewing
86 Parsons Street, Kensington, VIC, 3031

Join us as we get together with Bakery Hill and Houston’s BBQ for our Festival of Smoke.
An informal 4-course journey through 3 Bakery Hill Whiskeys, 3 Bonehead Brewing Beers and cocktail featuring both, accompanied with Houston’s BBQ and Twisted Deserts. With all courses featuring varied levels of the nights theme - Smoke.
1) Welcome and Warm up - Hot Toddy made with Brewers Tea and Peated Whisky paired with a starter on arrival.
2) Settle and Unwind - Boilermaker of our collaboration beer with Bakery Hill along with Baker Hill Whisky and Entrée from Houston’s BBQ
3) Fun and Flavour - Main meal from Houston’s BBQ paired with our Rauchbier and Bakery Hill Whiskey
4) Desert and Discussion - Finishing the night with Dad's Porter that has been aged in Bakery Hill Whiskey Barrels and a treat from Twisted Deserts and paired with a night cap from Bakery Hill
Hope to see you there.